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The Gates by JesIdres The Gates by JesIdres
Last weekend I got to view the Gates in New York- it ended up with several sketches and half a dozen good photographs. After playing around with my favorite with my tablet and photoshop filters, I made this background.

I don't care what anyone says about them- I adored the project. I don't think that many people have ever walked through Central Park- EVER. And I think even the most hardened New Yorker had to admit when the wind blew through on a clear day, you had to pause and watch. Don't lie, I saw you.

Canon Elph mk2, Photoshop, Wacom Tablet.
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Space-Puppet Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2005
I first heard bout this project a few days ago. I can't imagine how breathtaking it actually was, but of the photos I saw, I was amazed. If I had the chance to see something like that for myself, I would have!
I like the shot that you used, but i'm not to crazy about the effects.
jasonvelocity Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2005
I preferred the wrapping of the Reichstag, but this was still a decent piece of work.
IglikaSilverstream Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2005
I'm so glad that you like this project - I watched it as a news om our TV here, because its author - Christo (I hope I'm spelling his name in the right way, but I'm not sure) is Bulgarian. As I know he's born here, in Bulgaria, where I live, and from years he lives and works in US.
I think every big city looks too gray in winter and moreover when there is no snow, so I think that that orange, which flutters on the wind, is really interesting and beautidul! :D I'm sending you a big hug across the ocean! :hug:
kitetsu Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2005
it's a beaut!!!!
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