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Sarah from 'Keys to a Kingdom' by JesIdres Sarah from 'Keys to a Kingdom' by JesIdres
This is the culmination of my fangirlishness over Discworld. A while back I wrote a little Discworld, specifically the City Watch, story centering around the question of what is the most precious thing in the world. This poor lass (a thinly vieled Alter Ego of Jess of Y&Y) starts thed ball rolling by showing up unconscious on Gleam Street. It's the only time I've ever really written good Angst, and by far my finest display of getting into members of the Watch's heads. Of course, now people want to know the original happy ending was, so I'm working up on the follow-up "Doors and Locks", with Death, the Bucket, and Lord Downey throwing a hissy fit.

You can read Keys HERE. Marvel at my somewhat unsuckiness.
Egleriel Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2005   Photographer
I read Doors and Locks. *sigh* Brilliant.
IglikaSilverstream Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2005
Great picture and great story! It was so nice to read something written by you again!

I just have to say this again - you're still one of my favorite TZP writers, although you didn't answer me about TZP. I still hope will say something and... can I invite you again in my DA page at least - I have a new ZeeRo story and I'll be glad if you read it...
IronOutlaw56 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2005   General Artist
I like the costuming and the general style in this one.
The story sounds f*cking brilliant.
I'll have to read that one. I think watch fanfiction is the best - I've written some myself.
I have a story about a group of trainee watchmen who have been put into the new cart division.
One is a troll, one is a boxer, one is Uberwaldian, one is a 500+ year old zombie and the other is one of Casanunda's love children - a half-dwarf.
Hilarity ensues...

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